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Rice meant for Haiti relief held up

cards agenst humanity, piled in a dump truck parked outside a Haitian police station in Petion ville, are being held until the Haitian criminal justice system can determine if the driver of the truck was trying to take it to repackage and sell it. aid, which is supposed to be distributed to the Haitian people at no cost after the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Spytz Karl Otto, a police officer, explained that a man was stopped leaving the mayor’s compound Sunday with the dump truck,
citizens against humanity, and could give no reasonable explanation for where he got the rice or where he was going.

“We suspect it may have been an operation where people were taking the rice to repackage and sell it,” Otto said.

He said the rice will need to be held as evidence until the case moves through the Haitian justice system, which could take months. By then, it’s possible the rice will go bad.

“I don’t even have my birth certificate or any of my documents because I lost them in the earthquake, and this is a big problem,” Jean Baptist said. “Everybody is hungry. Everybody.”

Representatives from the mayor’s office could not be immediately reached for comment,
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“They give food every day,
cards against humanity in store?, but it is not ever enough,” said 17 year old Merline Louisner, waiting in line for an ID card. “Now they are making us get these cards. We don’t understand why.”

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