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Amir Hafizi

Amir Hafizi is currently a News Editor for Entertainment, Lifestyle and New Media at The Malay Mail, unless he is fired before this thing is published. He is also an unknown blogger of anonymous repute, writes movie and TV scripts over the weekend and, while having worked for Astro in 2007 and 2008, currently does not have an Astro dish, though he pays for his parents’ Astro account at home in Kuantan. Also looking for a hot, non-liberal woman to suck his erm… spleen?

In his own words: A… simple man, with simple thoughts. But tonight, for one heart-stopping moment, quite possibly, a hero.

22 June Honduras v Spain, Group G

24 June Germany v Ghana, Group D

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Angelia Ong

Angelia Ong is a work-from-home mum with three sons who claim to help make her life more interesting. She’s also a newly minted soccer mum hence the sudden interest in sports after a long hiatus.

17 June Argentina v South Korea, Group B

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Azmi Sharom

Azmi Sharom is a lecturer, columnist and Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Not necessarily in that order. He used to review comics in the evil mainstream media, and act in plays.

12 June England v USA, Group C

14 June Japan v Cameroon, Group E

18 June England v Algeria, Group C

21 June Chile v Switzerland, Group H

23 June Slovenia v England, Group C

26 June Chile v Spain, Group H

3 July Argentina v Germany, Quarter-Finals

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Dax Muhamad

Dax Muhamad always wanted to go the Ajax school of Excellence as a boy. Limited skill and equally two dull feet, he is now a tireless political aide to the swashbuckling UMNO Youth chief. Dax studied Law in Wales, or so he thinks. Most who know him will testify that Dax is a go-getter extraordinaire, with a rapid walking pace unknown to any other Malaysian. He’s the sole Arsenal fan in his office of United and Chelsea fanboys with a sad git sidekick who supports the Toon.

28 June Argentina v Mexico, Round of 16

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Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong is currently Parti Keadilan Rakyat Selangor State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan. She was Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Society (HAKAM) 2000-05. She supports Brazil and Argentina once every four years.

12 July Netherlands v Spain, Final

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Fahmi Fadzil

Fahmi Fadzil is a performer and writer. He is a member of arts collective Five Arts Centre, a principal coordinator for wayang experimentation group Projek Wayang and helps run BLAM, a graphic design and multimedia studio. He maintains columns and contributes articles to various print and online publications. Fahmi has performed in numerous award-winning theatre productions, including Second Link: Riding the Nice Bus (2006) and Dua, Tiga Dalang Berlari (2007), and was the recipient of the Mandarin Oriental Fan of the Arts Most Promising Artist Award at the 5th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2006. He was also a finalist in the theatre section for the 2008/9 cycle of the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative.

25 June Denmark v Japan, Group E

29 June Japan v Paraguay, Round of 16

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Hafiz Chan

Seorang yang cepat berfikir, bergerak pantas dan brutal terhadap tujuan. Sering berkeadaan trauma dan menderita paranoia, terseksa oleh serpihan kenangan masa lalu. Juga seorang yang amat mahir dalam pertempuran tangan-ke-tangan. Dan yang paling mengkagumkan, berkemampuan menyelesaikan masalah secara langsung menggunakan fikiran lateral. Misalnya menggunakan senjata improvisi seperti pen untuk menusuk badan musuh. Ya, benar. Itu adalah Jason Bourne. Bukan Hafiz Chan. Hafiz Chan hanyalah seorang anak kampung yang membesar di tepi sawah, bertemankan ayam, itik dan kambing biri-biri. Kini tersesat mencari makna kehidupan urban dan pengharapan di kota. Hobi beliau semasa lapang adalah mengumpul setem dan menjenguk blog-blog yang menjual tudung syria di laman maya. Bukankah melihat sesuatu yang indah itu adalah satu perbuatan yang terpuji? Keh keh keh.

29 June Japan v Paraguay, Round of 16

11 July Germany v Uruguay, 3rd/4th place

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Hafiz Hamzah

Hafiz Hamzah tidak mengikuti sepak terajang EPL. Sekali sekala mencuba-cuba untuk mengikuti perlawanan-perlawanan Piala UEFA, tetapi selalu jatuh tidur ditengah-tengah. Hanya ketika Piala Dunia saja dapat mengumpulkan sedikit tenaga untuk menonton dan menyepak angin di depan layar TV. Dia meraikan kekalahan Brazil dan mengimpikan Argentina meloncat di podium untuk 2010.

2 July Ghana v Uruguay, Quarter-Finals

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Hari Azizan

Hari Azizan fell in love with football after watching Road to Wembley with her father as a tomboy 11-year-old. The love affair later continued with a string of football fanatic boyfriends but after years of being a WAG, she decided that she wanted a football team of her own to support – Arsenal. Also a France and Spain supporter, Hari has been writing for a Malaysian daily for more than 10 years. When not catching any matches, she dabbles in theatre and community arts and has been involved in various performances and community art programmes including Vagina Monologues, In 1969, Bunga Manggar and the Emergency Festival.

12 June Argentina v Nigeria, Group B

16 June Spain v Switzerland, Group H

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Hwa Yue-Yi

Hwa Yue-Yi is an undergrad who grew up in Alor Setar, Taiping, Seremban, Malacca and Ipoh. She has interned at theSun and Penang’s Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute (SERI). She’s also been lucky enough to study in Singapore, London and a small town in Massachusetts, where she is three-quarters of her way to a Bachelor’s in Political Economy and a certificate in Arabic. Once people stop paying her to study, she plans to settle back home.

3 July Argentina v Germany, Quarter-Finals

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Jimadie Shah Othman

Jimadie Shah Othman, umur 30, separuh wartawan, separuh penulis kreatif. Dalam bab bola, Jimadie pembenci nombor satu pasukan MU.

4 July Spain v Paraguay, Quarter-Finals

11 July Germany v Uruguay, 3rd/4th place

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John Lim

John Lim became a football fan at an age before he could make rational decisions; as a consequence of his arbitrary preference for the colour blue, he has supported Italy, Inter Milan and Everton since he was six years old. In much the same way people in arranged marriages do, he has since learned to live with – and love – his choices, but he’s sure that people in arranged marriages don’t have to deal with pigeon-rearing, head-butting footballers like Duncan Ferguson. He has no hope for the Italians this year.

11 June Uruguay v France, Group A

14 June Italy v Paraguay, Group F

16 June South Africa v Uruguay, Group A

20 June Italy v New Zealand, Group F

24 June Slovakia v Italy, Group F

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Kam Raslan

Kam Raslan is a writer and director, working in film, TV and theatre in Malaysia. He is a columnist in The Edge weekly and Off the Edge magazine. His writings were previously compiled in Generation: A Collection of Contemporary Malaysian Ideas. He also writes for the Instant Cafe Theatre and is the author of the novel, “Confessions of an Old Boy.” He has been supporting England for a very long time.

27 June England v Germany, Round of 16

8 July Germany v Spain, Semi-Finals

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Koh Lay Chin

Koh Lay Chin is a former New Straits Times journalist and currently a freelancer and contributing journalist with The Nut Graph. She fell for football at the age of 15, supporting Manchester United and Argentina, just like her big brother. She realised these were dangerous teams to root for once she arrived in London to study. She remained completely silent and still in an English pub during the England-Argentina match for the 1998 World Cup, because it was the right thing to do if she wanted to live. She once produced football newsletters and wrote commentaries for a local little league football club an ex was playing for. She had no idea what the hell she was writing. She is still sulking over Argentina’s departure from this World Cup.

7 July Netherlands v Uruguay, Semi-Finals

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Kubhaer T. Jethwani

Kubhaer T. Jethwani used to be an actor/writer/overall arts kay poh chee before he sold out to make TV commercials. Over 200 shoots and 6 years later he’s finally important enough to pick and choose his projects and is slowly making his way back to endeavors that don’t require him to sell cigarettes to your children. He co-founded youth theatre collective Akshen and is a member of Five Arts Centre, a collective of artists and producers dedicated to generating alternative art forms and images in the Malaysian creative environment. Kubhaer is also a social media slut and you can find him on twitter, facebook, flickr, myspace, and so on and so forth, but actually ah, he’s very shy. Hee hee.

13 June Germany v Australia, Group D

15 June New Zealand v Slovakia, Group F

17 June France v Mexico, Group A

19 June Ghana v Australia, Group D

22 June Argentina v Greece, Group B

2 July Brazil v Netherlands, Quarter-Finals

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Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad is currently Parti Keadilan Rakyat Selangor State Assemblyman for Seri Setia. He was the youngest elected representative in the 2008 elections. His book, Moving Forward: Malays for the 21st Century published by Marshall Cavendish. When he gets bored with politics and books he watches Liverpool. He used to work as a match steward at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea FC while studying in London. While his World Cup team, Italy got out in the first round time time, at least it has won more World Cups than England. He blogs at www.niknazmi.com and declares proudly on his twitter account that he is defection proof in football and politics.

8 July Germany v Spain, Semi-Finals

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Noor Azam Shairi

Noor Azam Shairi lulus undang-undang dari Universiti Islam Antarabangsa sebelum kampusnya pindah ke Gombak. Dia kemudian tak mahu jadi peguam dan sampai kini, sudah 13 tahun jadi wartawan sebelumnya untuk suratkhabar dan sekarang untuk televisyen. Pernah mewakili pasukan bola sepak kampungnya melawan kampung sebelah di Kuala Kangsar.

27 June England v Germany, Round of 16

1 July Nasi Dalca v Nasi Kandar, ‘Half-Time’

2 July Brazil v Netherlands, Quarter-Finals

7 July Netherlands v Uruguay, Semi-Finals

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Firdaus Abdillah Hamzah (Pipiyapong) adalah pengulas bola sepak sepenuh masa di sokernet.blogspot.com, seorang pemain bola sepak semi pro yang bermain untuk kelab-kelab kecil (kampung) di dalam daerah Lipis sejak 1995 hingga dan salah seorang ahli Sindiket Soljah yang menulis di laman web hilangpunca.com dan pernah menghasilkan sebuah blook berjudul ‘Kacip’ . Di samping itu, beliau juga merupakan seorang bekas pelakon filem yang pernah membintangi beberapa filem pendek seperti My Alien Girlfriend, My Perfect Ana dan Hangus. Selain itu beliau adalah pemain bass untuk Primary iaitu sebuah band pop/post-punk/rock yang baru sedikit terkenal. Namun begitu sebenarnya beliau adalah seorang pelajar sepenuh masa tahun pertama jurusan penulisan kreatif di UiTM. Apa yang penting, pada setiap kali Piala Dunia berlangsung, beliau akan meninggalkan segala perkara duniawi lain dan pulang ke kampung untuk baring di hadapan TV.

11 June South Africa v Mexico, Group A

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Radzi Tajuddin

Walaupun Mahathir Mohamad tidak meminati bola sepak atas alasan ‘kenapalah 22 orang berebut 1 bola’, tetapi Radzi Tajuddin melihat bola sepak lebih sekadar itu. Radzi Tajuddin akan menulis dari sudut ekonomi, politik dan sosial. Dan mungkin juga dari pandangan agama. Woit, apa kejadahnya pasal bola sepak pun nak serius-serius? Well, inilah dia Radzi Tajuddin.

Radzi Tajuddin adalah pelajar tahun dua seni bina di UIAM. Namun beliau tidak reti melukis sebaliknya rajin menulis di blog basuhbaju.blogspot.com. Seorang yang tidak demokratik kerana suka menbidas pandangan orang lain di blognya. Yang peliknya beliau baru sahaja menjadi semi-finalist Democracy Video Challenge di peringkat Asia Tenggara. Tidak pernah menulis secara serius tentang bola sepak apatah lagi mewakili sekolah di dalam sukan ini. Menyokong pasukan Holland dan berharap hasil keuntungan projek ini akan merealisasikan impiannya bercuti ke sana.

12 June South Korea v Greece, Group B

14 June Netherlands v Denmark, Group E

19 June Netherlands v Japan, Group E

22 June France v South Africa, Group A

25 June North Korea v Ivory Coast, Group G

30 June Spain v Portugal, Round of 16

12 July Netherlands v Spain, Final

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Ruhayat X

Ruhayat X ialah suatu entiti kitar-semula dan lahir-semula yang kebetulan sangat hensem dan cerdik. Dia diwujudkan khusus sejajar dengan kehendak environmen moden atas-jaringan yang menuntut para penggunanya mengekalkan anonimiti identiti demi mewujudkan suatu atmosfir yang sebenar-benar demokratik. Dia juga kaki bangku. Ini bermakna dia adalah pengkritik bolasepak yang paling cocok sekal

27 June USA v Ghana, Round of 16

3 July Argentina v Germany, Quarter-Finals

12 July Netherlands v Spain, Final

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Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint began her career in law in Malaysia and also worked at an international law firm in Singapore. She traveled extensively around Asia for her work, before resigning to be a stay-at-home mum, writer, part-time lecturer and environmental activist, all in an effort to make up for her ‘evil’ past as a corporate lawyer!

Her Inspector Singh novels are published by Little, Brown and have been translated into numerous languages. Titles includeInspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul and Inspector Singh Investigates: The Singapore School of Villainy. Shamini also writes children’s books with cultural and environmental themes including The Seeds of Time, an environmental fantasy and Ten, a tale of growing up and football. Her latest children’s book is Diary of a Soccer Star ( ).

Shamini will be attending the following matches in South Africa:

15 June Ivory Coast v Portugal, Group G

21 June Portugal v North Korea, Group G

25 June Portugal v Brazil, Group G

30 June Portugal v Spain, Round of 16

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Shannon Teoh

Born and bred in Petaling Jaya, he grew up somehow being a Kuala Lumpur supporter. Today, the only thing he knows about Malaysian football is that Khairy Jamaluddin is deputy FAM president. Having spent his time as a fulltime journalist with specific briefs on anything from politics to pop music, food & beverage to fast cars, he has spent every last bit of initiative trying to squeeze in football writing in places like the New Straits Times and The Malaysian Insider whenever he can despite the discouragement of chauvinistic sports editors the world over – chauvinistic in the sense that if you write about anything else, you can’t be a sports writer. Shannon Teoh is single but a team player.

16 June Brazil v North Korea, Group G

21 June Brazil v Ivory Coast, Group G

28 June Netherlands v Slovakia, Round of 16

11 July Germany v Uruguay, 3rd/4th place

12 July Netherlands v Spain, Final

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Sherry Siebel

Sherry Siebel actually despises football as a default mode. But she enjoyed gila babi the game last night! She is a freelance writer, but she used to be a minion at The Star’s Day & Night, The Sun’s Vox, The Edge and Harper’s Bazaar. Now she enjoys herself getting completely immersed in Facebook and her blog, Sharon’s Sarcophagus, and watching gripping, horror-filled DVDs like True Blood and Spartacus: Blood and Sand. She is also a massive science-fiction freak and can almost spout C.S. Lewis and Frank Herbert verbatim. Basically, she’s a giant nerd trapped in Thumbelina’s body.

23 June Nigeria v South Korea, Group B

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Syafiq Sunny

Membesar di Flat Pekeliling, Syafiq Sunny tidak pernah merasa keseronokan bermain bola seperti orang lain kerana kekurangan padang di bandar. Syafiq pernah bertugas sebagai wartawan politik selama empat tahun dan kini adalah tulang belakang Distrobuku.com – sebuah kedai buku online. Selain merepek di Twitter, perkara lain yang disukainya ialah makan dengan gadis cantik.

26 June Uruguay v South Korea, Round of 16

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Tricia Yeoh

Tricia Yeoh is a Liverpool supporter, although she admits it was due to McManaman’s golden locks in the early days. She works for the Selangor Menteri Besar as Research Officer and is interested in socio-economic policy for state and nation and is involved in various projects to that end. She is a supporter of all underdog teams in the 2010 World Cup as she detests any display of arrogance of power.

4 July Spain v Paraguay, Quarter-Finals

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Umapagan Ampikaipakan

Umapagan Ampikaipakan is a freelance writer and book critic. He resides, for the most part, within the pages of the New Straits Times, where he ruminates on everything from the idiosyncrasies of Malaysian politics to his unnatural obsession with the written word. In the fall of 2008, he covered the U.S. Presidential Elections for his newspaper. He can also be found (his disembodied voice, that is) rambling over the airwaves, on BFM 89.9, where he is their resident book guy, as well as the host of their movie show, WTF: What the Flick. He knows absolutely nothing about football.

13 June Serbia v Ghana, Group D

17 June Greece v Nigeria, Group B

19 June Cameroon v Denmark, Group E

24 June Paraguay v New Zealand, Group F

25 June Switzerland v Honduras, Group H

29 June Brazil v Chile, Round of 16

4 July Paraguay v Spain, Quarter-Finals

12 July Netherlands v Spain, Final

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Yasmin Masidi

Yasmin Masidi learned to love football as a little girl reading the sports pages of Daily Express and Sabah Times. Regrettably for some of her acquaintances, the obsession never left her — nor the contrariness that influenced many of her football-related decisions. She has written for The Nut Graph and was until recently working for an international NGO based in Kuala Lumpur.

18 June Slovenia v USA, Group C

20 June Paraguay v Slovakia, Group F

3 July Ghana vs Uruguay, Quarter-Finals

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Yusseri Yusoff

Yusseri used to be an almost full-time benchwarmer for his school team. Good enough to be in the team, but never quite good enough to be on the pitch. It was then that he decided playing football may not be a long-term career choice. So he became an engineer by choice, a consultant by accident and a writer by occasion. He writes a column sporadically for The Malaysian Insider and is an appendix in Dr. Farish Noor’s The Other Malaysia project.

23 June Algeria v USA, Group C

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Zedeck Siew

Zedeck Siew writes for KLue, a lifestyle and culture magazine with a focus on the Klang Valley. He has also done political journalism with The Nut Graph and arts criticism with Kakiseni, to varying degrees of success.

24 June Australia v Serbia, Group D

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Zulhabri Supian

Peminat Politik, Perniagaan, Seni dan Sukan. Salah seorang penggerak utama aktiviti sifar-untung Pekan Frinjan, dan juga penerbit buku dengan label Oxygen Media.

Piala dunia dan aku ibarat pemain bola sepak dan pengadil perlawanan, saling memerlukan. Peta dunia dan kemahiran menerbit buku (penerbit buku skrap edisi piala dunia sebelumnya) dipelajari melalui kejohanan ini. Terima kasih FIFA!

13 June Algeria v Slovenia, Group C

16 June Honduras v Chile, Group H

18 June Germany v Serbia, Group D

22 June Mexico v Uruguay, Group A

24 June Cameroon v Netherlands, Group E

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Danny Lim


Malacca-born Danny Lim is primarily a writer and photojournalist. His features and photo-essays have been published in Malaysian and regional publications. Most recently he has been a freelance political photojournalist for news sites The Nut Graph and The Malaysian Insider, a fixer-researcher for NHK World, an international election observer in Afghanistan and is currently reading his masters in London as a Chevening scholar. His first book, The Malaysian Book of the Undead, was published by Matahari Books, and he has contributed to New Malaysian Essays 2.

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